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Niffer’s All Natural Laundry Powder
Made from minerals and coconut oil based soap flakes (also made by Niffer’s) this laundry powder is powered by nature to get clothes clean. Lifts dirt and stains, and formulated especially for hard water.

Niffer’s All Natural Laundry Powder comes in three scents: Unscented, Lavender, and Jasmine. Laundry powder is offered in multiple sizes to better fit your needs and budget. All laundry powder is made in small batches and scented with pure essential oils. Niffer’s All Natural Laundry Powder fights tough stains and leaves your clothes smelling clean and fresh. Use this laundry powder in any washing machine — top or front loading washing machines, and Niffer’s All Natural Laundry Powder is HE compliant. Hand washing delicate fabric is a breeze, and no need to worry about harsh chemicals on your skin. Niffer’s All Natural Laundry Powder is great for colors, whites, and even cloth diapers!

Niffer’s All Natural Products
Niffer’s All Natural Dishwasher Powder
Natural dishwasher powder for dish washing machines.

Niffer’s All Natural Dishwasher Powder is a mineral based cleaning powder for dish washing machines. Cleans without leaving spots, even with the hardest water! Niffer’s harnesses the power of nature to offer this lemon scented powder to get your grimiest dishes clean. Available in 1 pound packages for $5.00, scoop included. One package washes approximately 36 loads.

Niffer’s All Natural Products
Epic Laundry Soap
All Natural Laundry Soap
3 Ingredients
Borax, Washing Soda & Castile Soap

No Added Scents
Great For Sensitive Skin

I got tired of spending a small fortune on laundry soap that was full of chemicals and so harmful to the watersheds and the environment; so I created my own recipe after months of researching different recipes and ingredients in a organic laundry soap.
I am based in Tofino B.C. and can deliver to you
2 TBSP FOR A DOUBLE ! And so on …

HE WASHERS require much less detergents than traditional washers well this soap works great in both; also great for cleaning ie: windows, floors and algae off anything !

The Wicked Wiccan
Kat’s ‘Lil Melties
All natural wax melts made with natural soy wax and body safe fragrances.

These wax melts are highly fragranced in order to give your home lasting, wonderful fragrance. Unlike the store bought ones, they last for weeks and are made from soy wax made in the USA.  We are members of the Greener Life club and are committed to bringing you quality products without the chemicals. Our fragrances are purchased from Essential Depot. We depend on their quality.

Kats Krazee Good Soaps, Lotions, & Kandles
Sioux Falls
South Dakota
All Natural Laundry Butter
Natural laundry soap made with all natural coconut oil soap.
We have been selling this locally for awhile now and it has quickly turned into one of our best sellers. it’s creates almost zero suds (they really aren’t necessary to get your clothes clean) so it is perfect for the HE. washing machines while working equally well in standard even older machines. We don’t have to “make” it ultra concentrated since we don’t add tons of synthetic additives to start with, only 1 tablespoon to a regular wash. It really works. Available in Unscented, Lavender & Lemongrass
Kickin K Soap Company

Ingredients Water, Sodium Carbonate, Borax, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Scented Versions also contain Essential Oils

  1. Money Back Guarantee: We are convinced that like many others you will love our laundry butter. However if you don’t return one opened jar along with any unopened bars back to us for a full refund.
  1. No Chemical preservatives: Our laundry butter contains no added preservatives or synthetic additives.
  1. Only pure essential Oils: No Fragrance Oils
  1. Good for the environment: Naturally Phosphate Free
  1. Super concentrated:  One jar washes 60 loads of wash
  2. Safe for H.E.Machines: Laundry butter does notsuds, Suds are a product of added chemicals (mainly SLS) and are not indicative of cleaning. The detergent makers add them because we have been made to believe that it’s the “suds” that prove the soap is working.  If you want to know it’s cleaning look at how dirty the water is, feel the clothes after washing, smell your clothes.  Your clothes will smell “clean” not perfumed.


For a Top Loading Machine:


  1. 1.   Fill the machine with dirty clothes
  2. 2.   Start the water, (hot- Cold- or warm- doesn’t matter)
  3. 3.   Measure out 1 Tablespoon (Seriously 1 level Tablespoon) of laundry butter
  4. 4.   Stick the measuring spoon of detergent under the running water, let it fall off the spoon.
  5. 5.   Close the washer lid, go away have fun for a while, or if you want come back lift the lid and see how much dirt is in the wash water.




For a Front Loading or HE Machine

  1. 1.   Fill the machine with dirty clothes
  2. 2.   Measure out 1 Tablespoon (Seriously 1 level Tablespoon) of laundry butter & dump it on top of the dirty clothes.

Do  NOT put the laundry butter in the soap dispenser it will only clog it up

  1. 3.   Close the door & start the Machine, (hot- Cold- or warm- doesn’t matter)
  2. 4.   Go away and do something else while the machine runs, or if you want watch and see how much dirt is in the wash water.


  1.  Does it Really Only Take 1 Tablespoon? YES it really does a full load use 1 tablespoon, on a half load only use ½ Tablespoon, If they are really soiled (you’ve been tending the goats, plowing the field or working on your truck) go ahead and use a rounded Tablespoon full.
  1. Can I add bleach? Sure, but we recommend using Sodium Percarbonate (the active ingredient in the big name oxygen bleach without all the added chemicals you can get it online or if you would rather we can get it for you.
  1. Can I add Fabric Softener? If you must, but you are only adding more dangerous chemicals to your clothes, we recommend you at least try it with nothing or try adding half water-half vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser.  Dry sheets also only coat the clothes with dangerous chemicals.
  1. Why do detergents make my clothes look dingy? This is caused by using too much detergent (it builds up in the clothes and actually traps dirt) or by washing the clothes too long (an extended wash cycle) which tends to redistribute the dirt in the clothes.
Kickin K Soap Company
United States
Laundry Stain Sick
Natural stain stick for your toughest soiled laundry and more!

Our customers have successfully used this stain stick on many items other than clothing: carpets, upholstery, and decks.

Ingredients: Saponified Coconut Oil, Distilled Water

R Squared Naturals
Bel Air
United States
Want to kick the oral healthcare routine up a notch? Get squeaky clean with our Tooth Powder!
Twisted Sisters Naturals, LLC

Our basic mixture includes Calcium Bentonite Clay, Calcium carbonate, ground Peppermint, ground Cinnamon, ground Cloves, Baking Soda, Diatomaceous Earth, Xylitol (Not Safe For Dogs), and essential oils in your choice of Peppermint or Cinnamon.

Our Mucky Blend features the same beneficial ingredients as the basic tooth powder, plus the added benefit of Activated Charcoal for whitening, and a powerhouse blend of essential oils (Clove, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Oregano) for optimal oral health.
Please Note: This is a supplemental tooth powder in addition to other oral care products, and should be used with caution by those taking prescription medications because of the binding nature of Activated Charcoal (A minimum 30 minute wait to brush after taking oral medications is recommended). Seeking the advice of your medical professional is also recommended if you are pregnant or nursing.

The Basic Mix (in Peppermint or Cinnamon) can be used alone, or in conjunction with any other product in your oral care regimen.
The Mucky Tooth powder is a natural teeth whitener. This can be used with our other tooth powders, toothpaste, or other products that you normally use. Rinse well after brushing, and follow up with a quick brush with water, toothpaste, or mouthwash.

Free Shipping is included!

Our product packaging is made in the USA, recyclable, reusable, and BPA free!

Twisted Sisters Naturals, LLC
Myrtle Creek
United States
Artisan Hometsead Laundry Soap
This is an all-natural low-sudsing laundry soap made from our goats milk soap.

This is an all-natural low-sudsing laundry soap made for HE machines.  It contains essential oils and our all-natural goats milk soap.

Artisan Homestead
Premium Laundry Butter
Our Premium Laundry Butter is handmade with a base of 100% coconut oil + other natural cleansing boosting agents. This laundry butter is a powerful cleanser that does not create suds (well, it may create a little bit of suds in hot water) + will leave your clothes clean + fresh.

Our Premium Laundry Butter is handmade with a base of 100% coconut oil + other natural cleansing boosting agents.  This laundry butter is a powerful cleanser that does not create suds (well, it may create a little bit of suds in hot water) + will leave your clothes clean + fresh.

Lack of suds when washing clothes was strange to me because I’m used to seeing lather.  Don’t let the lack of bubbles fool you!  Being a soap maker I know that suds + lather do not equal cleansing.  Many think it’s the bubbles that make things clean . . . but this isn’t true. The bubbles in commercial laundry detergents are caused by chemical foaming agents . . . not cleansing agents.

Our premium, super concentrated laundry butter has many benefits:

~ The first benefit is knowing exactly what’s in it.  Our non-toxic laundry detergent is FREE of phosphates + sulfates. Besides having a 100% coconut oil base, it contains other natural cleansing agents.

~ It’s economical . . . 1 tablespoon is all you need for an average-size load of laundry. One quart yields up to 54 loads.

~ Can be applied directly to stains.  Apply a little of our concentrated laundry butter to the stain in a circular motion, let sit a few moments before washing.

~ Can be used in front-load and top-load washers.

~ Comes in a clean, odor-neutralizing fragrance + fragrance free.

~ Is available in a 1 quart environmentally-friendly Ball glass jar or recyclable plastic pail.  If you’re local, you can refill your container for a 10% discount.

~ It’s multi-purpose . . . not only does it clean clothes, our natural cleanser cuts grease + can be used to clean counter-tops, stoves, refrigerators, bath tubs, floors, rugs, upholstery + more!

Listing is for 27 oz 1 quart glass jar or plastic pail.  To save on shipping, I’ll even put it in a plastic baggie, if you’d like.

J. Lexi, LLC
Tangie Laundry Concentrate
Laundry Paste dilutes to make liquid laundry soap. No Dyes; No Phosphates;
​and safe for military uniforms –
No Optical Brighteners!
No Pollutants and no constant disposing of plastic containers. It’s a clean, simple, environmentally friendly solution that really works! Refillable laundry soap. Use your own water and own container; Grey-water and septic safe; fragrance-free; and formulated for sensitive skin.

What’s the point of doing laundry with non-toxic soap if it still produces loads of un-recycled plastic waste? It’s pointless and you know it. That’s why we hope you consider buying this zero waste laundry detergent.

  • Great in both High Efficiency & Front Load washer machines.
  • One bar dissolves to make one gallon of liquid laundry soap.
  • Washes 128+ loads!
  • All natural ingredients.
  • No fragrance or scent added.
  • No phosphates, dyes, or optical brighteners.

At Tangie, we started out making all-natural liquid laundry soap. After a few years, Angie, our founder, realized the plastic bottle was still part of the problem. Using good ingredients was not good enough. People already had water and containers at home, we shouldn’t need to provide them. After years of reformulating, Tangie emerged with the Laundry Paste and no longer needed to sell liquid laundry soap in a plastic bottle. We can ship you a gallon of laundry soap without plastic or wasteful water weight! Reducing our dependence on single-use plastic is possible. We can all start one load at a time.

  1. Environmental Working Group rated “A”
  2. Leaping Bunny Certified
  3. Green America Business certified

Dilute as much or as little as you want!
One full bar of paste = one gallon (128 oz) water.
Half bar = 64 ounces water.
Quarter bar of paste = 32 ounces water.
Eighth bar of paste = 16 ounces water.
Sixteenth bar of paste = 8 ounces water.

plant based soap of coconut & olive oils, soap nuts liquid, , yucca powder (washing), baking soda (freshening), oxalic acid (whitening & stain lifting), salt (water softening), rosemary oleo resin (preservative)

Check out our complete line of household cleaning and personal care products WASTEFREEPRODUCTS.COM


Tangie LLC (dba Waste Free Products)
Mount Dora

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