Vintage Soap Making

Soap Making has been going on in peoples’ kitchens, barns, and yards for over 100 years.  At we wanted to share these 5 great vintage pamphlets from the early 1900’s.  Each contains some very interesting facts and usage information about Lye.  Enjoy!

Below are links to the 5 Vintage Pamphlets (PDF version) showing the many uses, historically, of Lye.  The uses of Lye in these vintage pamphlets is for historical review only and may not be safe to be used in the manner indicated in the vintage pamphlet.  Lye is a dangerous chemical and, as such, you should use appropriate care and safety procedures when using Lye.

Note:  Download of the .pdf files below can take a few minutes depending on your internet connection speed.  Once downloaded, you can then view the pamphlet online or print the pamphlets.  Each pamphlet is copyright free which means that you are able to distribute them to your friends.

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