Dr. Marc A. Hight, Ph.D.

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Answering questions as of June 3, 2019

Marc Hight is Elliott Professor of Philosophy at Hampden-Sydney College. He has spent much of his
professional career educating young minds and doing research in fields like metaphysics and the
philosophy of religion. He also specializes in the philosophy of political economy with an emphasis on
behavioral economics and its implications for marketing. Currently he is a Research Scholar in the Center
for the Study of Political Economy at Hampden-Sydney College. Hight has published two books (Idea and
Ontology with Penn State University Press in 2007 and The Correspondence of George Berkeley with
Cambridge University Press in 2013). His more recent work in political economy includes articles on
nudge theory in the Cambridge Journal of Economics (May 2019) and forthcoming work on the history of
political economy.

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