Tangie Laundry Paste

Tangie Laundry Paste
Tangie Laundry Paste
Laundry Paste dilutes to make liquid laundry soap. No Dyes; No Phosphates;
​and safe for military uniforms –
No Optical Brighteners!
No Pollutants and no constant disposing of plastic containers. It’s a clean, simple, environmentally friendly solution that really works! Refillable laundry soap. Use your own water and own container; Grey-water and septic safe; fragrance-free; and formulated for sensitive skin.

This zero-waste, plastic-free Laundry Paste is also budget-friendly at less than $0.08 per load!
Tangie Laundry Paste naturally softens clothes and reduces fading. By eliminating the need for a separate fabric softener it naturally saves you money. It is tough on dirt and odor yet safe enough for baby clothes. Great in both High Efficiency & Front Load washer machines.

*Environmental Working Group rated “A” (ewg.org)
*Green America Business certified (greenamerica.org)

Dilute as much or as little as you want!
One full bar of paste – one gallon (128 oz) water.
Half bar – 64 ounces water.
Quarter bar of paste – 32 ounces water.
Eighth bar of paste – 16 ounces water.
Sixteenth bar of paste – 8 ounces water.

plant based soap of coconut & olive oils, soap nuts liquid (extracted using a solar oven), yucca powder (washing), baking soda (freshening), oxalic acid (whitening & stain lifting), salt (water softening), sodium percarbonate (whitening), rosemary oleo resin (preservative)




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