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Find Fantastic Natural Soaps, Bath Bombs, Lotions, Creams and other Greener Life Products made by Essential Depot’s Customers.

List your product(s) to the Greener Life Club Product Directory (click here). We will promote your listing on facebook, instagram and pinterest.Our customers now sell in excess of 500,000 bars of handcrafted soap every week, and our aim is to take this numbers into the millions! When you purchase products at Essential Depot, Claim a Free 1 lb. Organic Shea Butter and a Free Soap Drying Tray by posting a product to the Greener Life Directory (One free tray every 6 Months).

Greener Life Club Members who utilize the Greener Life Club Membership Logo on their product label(s) post the details on the products they make to here by clicking “Create a Listing” below (Win a $100 or $400 Gift Certificate).

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