Jaxsoaps Lavender Cream

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Jaxsoaps Lavender Cream
Lavender Handmade Castile bar soap with essential oil and 94% Olive oil. Also available, Lavender Cream Goats Milk bar soap with saponified oils of Coconut, Soy, Palm, Palm Kernel, Castor, Sweet Almond, Lavender Essential oil and ground Lavender Bud.

Lavender Essential Oil Bar soap with a generous amount of Essential Oil and ground Lavender Bud.  Lavender is very good for problem skin and has an uplifting affect.  The lather is a lovely fluffy white and the sent is heavenly.  These bars have been formulated to be skin nurturing, long lasting and gentle.

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  • Jaxsoaps Lavender Cream
  • Jaxsoaps Lavender Cream

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