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Spooky Soap

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Spooky Soap
Spooky Soap
A protective blend of essential oils in our organic olive oil base recipe.

There was electricity in the air… then silence and the smell of flowers.

Fight the demons with this intuitively crafted scent using essential oils revered for their protective powers. This darkly herbal aroma serves the wearer well in those moments when one senses the negative forces near. Whatever you dabble in Spooky will help you keep the darkness out.

Certain plants & herbs have been distinguished for centuries for their abilities to ward off evil and give protection against psychic and astral attacks.  Instead of wearing the plants themselves, you can wear the essential oils which retain their protective properties. Our signature Spooky scent contains many of these protective essences blended into a perfume that wears perfectly in any season you need it most.

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