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Inspired by the 2016 Women’s March on Washington our bar is a collective of various luxury soap. Each soap is as unique as the women who attended the marches + together make a valuable statement.
J. Lexi, LLC

I was auditing my products in preparation for filing my 2016 taxes. I had soap everywhere!  There were 2 medium boxes of miscellaneous soap, leftover soap, discontinue soap, test batches + more.  In cleaning my soap room I also found about 20 batches of soap that were being discontinued . . . I had anywhere between 2 to 5 soap of each type.

While organizing my soap I was watching cable news and saw the sea of women (and families) across the country (and abroad) come together to make their voices heard + their presence known.  The women were of all nationalities, color, religion, socioeconomic background + age.  There were grandmothers with their daughters + granddaughters.  There were women who met first time who locked arms in unity + came together perfectly.

That’s when I had my light bulb moment!  I would take all of my miscellaneous soap; broken soap, soaps of all sizes, shapes, colors, recipes, ingredients + add the mosaic pieces together . . . and UNITY was created.

 UNITY has an average net weight of 5 ounces.  Like the women who inspired them, they’re all different . . . some are a little taller, some are more colorful, some have a hint of fragrance, some have no fragrance @ all, some color coordinated, some not.

 UNITY is inclusive of all our great + skin-loving products so I cannot give details on the ingredients because I don’t know which soaps are in which batches.  UNITY is minimally packaged with a simple breathable covering + label.

 It’s safe to say that all bars include dairy.

 UNITY does not contain additional fragrance, any scent comes from the soaps included in the batch.

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J. Lexi, LLC
United States
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