Tobacco and Bay Leaf Bath Bar

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Tobacco and Bay Leaf Bath Bar

This soap contains activated charcoal and nourishing oils.

Tobacco and Bay Leaf  Soap with Activated Charcoal.

This soap is a popular item and one of my families favorites. Mango and Shea Butter moisturize your skin and activated charcoal helps to reduce dirt and oil from your pores. Activated charcoal is known to detoxify and aide in a cleaner complexion. The fragrance is a fresh mix of bay leaf, fir needle, cedar wood, bergamot, and tobacco scent. It is a favorite among men and women.

This product is handmade in small batches with loving hands, and a cold-process.

Olive oil, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Palm Oil, Activated Charcoal, Tobacco and Bay leaf Fragrance oil, and Saponified Oils and Butters

The Greener Life diamond is displayed on our products to show that the environment is our first priority and that all oils and butters used in our products are ethically sourced. Go to for more information.

Please recycle packaging. Thank You!

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  • Tobacco and Bay Leaf Bath Bar

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