A natural bar of soap made with organic coffee, rhassoul clay, and peppermint essential oil.

I know I’m not the only one who needs a caffeinated FIX some mornings to aid in putting a little pep into my step.  I also know I am not the only sort-of-ish coffee snob around 😉  To make this bar I took some of my special organic beans and ground them fresh.  I added them, along with some rhassoul clay, to the base layer and it resulted in a scrubby and sudsy coffee soap.  For aesthetics, I created a pretty cream colored (think foamed milk) top layer.  For awesomeness, I added peppermint to the whole coffee bar caboodle!

This is a scrubby bar so keep that in mind if you normally use soaps on your delicate areas.  FIX would make a great bar to keep by the kitchen sink as well as in the shower.  Smell wise it is a light coffee scent with a hit of eye opening peppermint.  It is enough to entice your olfactory senses and maybe help peel open those heavy eyelids on an early Monday morning.

Bars by Becca
  • The FIX

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