The Beach

The Beach
The Beach
Chill out with the seaside aroma of The Beach handcrafted soap bar. Its notes of coconut, sandalwood, and vanilla bring your mind to tropical vacations and sun-kissed summer days. This coastal combination of essential oils is formulated to inspire beachy vibes; The Beach is your passport to instant relaxation when you can’t get away.

The Beach handcrafted soap bar is fresh and coastal; it miraculously uplifts your mood as you find yourself reminiscent of summer days spent on a beachfront vacation property. As your mind is transported away, you smell the sun-baked sand between your toes and the heat of the sun on your skin. You sense the sound of the waves caressing the shoreline, and the taste of the ocean water carried on a gentle breeze. The light aroma of people suntanning makes you catch yourself almost looking around so that you don’t kick sand on them as your walking along the beach; if only you were, at least you’re having a relaxing shower!

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