Texas Pride Bluebonnet Body Soap

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Texas Pride Bluebonnet Body Soap
Springtime in Texas brings thunderstorms and rolling fields of Texas Bluebonnets. Experience the state flower on Texas in a bar with a scent as big as the Lone Star State
  1. We Start early Spring collecting flowers from the patch, being very careful to never pick enough at any one time that a person could tell that any were taken. Each harvest is taken from random areas of the field, being careful to make sure that all of beneficial insects are free from the flowers before collecting them.
  2. After we have collected the flowers, they are washed and left to soak in clean water for several hours. They are then hand sorted and trimmed to remove any dead material, and stems. The stems and discarded material are recycled through the garden as a source of nitrogen.
  3. the remaining clean flowers are spread onto screens and loaded into the dehydrator for a least two days at 110 degrees to ensure they are completely dry, while preserving the beautiful blue color.
  4. The flowers, once dry are then grounded to add into our organic soap formula, and/or simply crushed to use to sprinkle onto the finished soap. Ground bluebonnets give the soap a wonderful blue color, and provide a very earthy, Texas scent that is unique from any other soap I’ved ever used.
Esther Grace
Grand Prairie
  • Texas Pride Bluebonnet Body Soap
  • Texas Pride Bluebonnet Body Soap
  • Texas Pride Bluebonnet Body Soap

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