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My Spearmint Bar is a wonderful fresh wake up in the shower.

Ingredients: Organic virgin coconut oil, Olive oil, soybean oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide,unrefined organic shea butter, Extra virgin olive oil, French green clay argan oil, neem powder, tussah silk, vegetable glycerin, spearmint essential oil, vitamin E oil

My Spearmint Bar is formulated to be very healing for your skin and relaxing for your mind.  The French green clay has been used since egyptian times for purifying the skin.  The Neem powder has been documented for 4,500 years in ancient India for its healing abilities for the skin and  for supporting healthy skin and clear complexion.  The spearmint essential oil is known for its antiseptic qualities as well as being relaxing and aiding in stress.  The spearmint essential oil is so refreshing and is sure to give anyone a good WAKE UP in the morning ……..ENJOY

Julie Fralicks
United States

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