Sea Salt and Kelp

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Sea Salt and Kelp
Sea Salt and Kelp
My Sea salt and Kelp bar is a great bar that has sea salt and Atlantic Kelp swirled throughout the bar.

Ingredients:Virgin organic coconut oil, olive oil, soybean oil, castor oil, distilled oil, lye, shea butter, argan oil, Atlantic sea kelp, sea salt, tussah silk, lime essential oil, vegtable glycerin, vitamin E

My Sea Salt and Kelp is an Exfoliating bar that is packed full of nutrients from the Sea salt to the Atlantic sea kelp to the lime essential oil that I have chosen to lighten up the scent we all know true sea kelp  blesses us with.  The benefits of this combination are great for the skin and are sure to make bath time an arg mazing experience maty…..ENJOY


None of my products are meant to cure prevent or diagnose any disease or illness as they have not been evaluated by the FDA

Julie Fralicks
United States

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