Saturday Morning Cartoons Soap

Saturday Morning Cartoons Soap
Sweet, citrusy litsea cubebea and conditioning oils and cocoa butter.
Joy's Handcrafted Soap

As soon as I smelled the litsea cubeba essential oil I was reminded of a few fruity cereals from my childhood and spending Saturday mornings watching cartoons…back in the day when that’s the only time cartoons were actually on TV. This handmade soap is supposed to look like cereal floating in a bowl of milk…at least in my head it does. =)

Litsea cubeba is a sweet, citrus scent and it is so refreshing and uplifting. The soap has a great creamy lather due to the lovely oils and cocoa butter. Simple but conditioning, softening and moisturizing.

Litsea cubeba isn’t for kids under two or if you’re pregnant. Please look into safe essential oil use for children, medical conditions and/or during pregnancy.


N castor oil, N olive oil, N coconut oil, O cocoa butter. Colorants: O spirulina powder, rose clay, annatto seed, O turmeric, titanium dioxide. Litsea cubeba essential oil. Lye, water.

N = nonGMO, O = organic

Joy’s Handcrafted Soap

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