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Coconut Lavender Cream Himalayan Soap
Essential Depot's Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Shea Butter. Other ingredients include castor oil, glycerin, Titanium dioxide , Kaolin Clay, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, fragrance oil, lavender buds, himalayan salt, coconut cream.

Essential Depot's Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Shea Butter. Other ingredients include castor oil, glycerin, Titanium dioxide , Kaolin Clay, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, fragrance oil, lavender buds, himalayan salt, coconut cream.

Magick Blooms
United States of America
Handmade Patchouli Soap
All-natural, homemade patchouli soap.
Just Add Water

Patchouli. Not sure where I smelled you first, but I like to think it was on that July day in Foxboro Stadium, where Jerry serenaded his sugar magnolia, Dylan was still tangled up in blue and a hippie girl on the side of the road traded us a tie-dye T-shirt for a sandwich.

Contains sustainable palm oil (RSPO certified), olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, shea butter, honey, chamomile tea leaves, essential oil.

Just Add Water
United States
Handmade soap
Butter Butter Handmade Soap

Soap is made with coconut oil, olive oil, unrefined organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, castor oil and is unscented.

Sew Simply Yours
United States
Magnesium Chloride Spray (Magnesium Oil)
The benefits of magnesium chloride applied topically as a spray (also known as Magnesium Oil) are innumerable.
Twisted Sisters Naturals, LLC

The benefits of Magnesium chloride applied topically as a spray (also known as Magnesium Oil) are innumerable.

Many of us are deficient in Magnesium, no matter how much we try to consume through a good clean diet. Due to soil nutrient depletion, this has made it nearly impossible to get our daily needed intake of magnesium through diet alone.
Taking magnesium chloride orally is acceptable, however it can cause many to experience digestive upsets that are quite uncomfortable.
Put simply, our bodies *NEED* magnesium to function properly. Here are a list of a few ails that Magnesium can help with (backed by science, of course):

*Muscle Cramps & Spasms
*Restless Legs
*Muscle & Nerve Pain
*Low Bone Density
*Muscle Soreness & Inflammation
*Skin Issues such as Psoriasis & Eczema
*Stress Reduction
*Diabetes Regulation
And more...

As you can see, Magnesium plays a huge roll in our overall health. Fortunately, Magnesium is taken in though the skin (topically) easily without the digestive upsets. It's not without it's side effects, however. Those who are deficient in Magnesium can experience a burn or tingle sensation when applying it topically. This will go away over time with regular usage. 10-20 sprays a day is all that is necessary.
Our magnesium spray is unscented, and comes lovingly packaged in a 4oz glass amber spray bottle.

Shipping is Free!

Twisted Sisters Naturals, LLC
Myrtle Creek
United States
Autumn Harvest Apple Double Butter Soap
Each bar has a lovely menagerie of harvest fruits and vegetables on top of a creamy rich double butter bar.

This is a double butter bar made from oils supplied by Essential Depot. Its a rich lather, creamy bar. The scent is Apple Harvest from Candlescience. The colorants I blended myself from oxides from Elements Bath and Body. The embeds I created using a homemade melt and pour, the directions I got from the Ultimate Hot Process Soap guide. I then created a moldable soap using directions from the same guide and used this to create the pumpkins and leaves by hand. These soaps will be ready for sale in a month. You can reserve by DM in my Instagram account @_artiture

Artiture Handmade
All Natural, Vegan, & Organic Soaps & Other Personal Care Products

Chak Therapy is in the soaping business! As one of our latest creations to the collection, the Chak Therapy Chakrafying Barz: Chakra + Clarifying + Soap, are just as divine as all of our other items we handcrafted creations. Following the purpose of our highly praised scrubs and butters, these soaps are produced using all natural, organic, vegan ingredients with the intentions of cleansing your chakras while leaving your body refreshed to take on the day. Don't forget to add your loofah soap pouches as a convenient and economic way to gently exfoliate your skin while allowing you to use up every last bit of your soap! Simply insert your favorite bar into the natural fiber pouch and massage away!



Chak Therapy
San Antonio
Hemp Milk & Sandalwood Soap
Made with a good amount of hemp oil & hemp milk, this soap was scented with Essential Depot's Sandalwood fragrance oil.

A double hemp inspired soap because of the addition of hemp milk & lovely dark green hemp oil. The fragrance of this bar is classic rich sandalwood with notes of jasmine, cedarwood, gardenia & musk. Soap has been piped with the hemp leaf on top & weighs approx. 4.4 oz.

The Mermaid Soapworks
Glit Gloss
All natural lip gloss

This is an all natural lip gloss infused with essential oils and butters to keep your lips moisturized and give it that extra glow. oh that's not it , it has a dab of glitter to give your lips that sparkle.

Herbal Vibe
fort lauderdale
united states
Back Yard Bugs
Back Yard Bugs is a lady bug themed soap that comes with an educational card to help ID bugs in your back yard.
Back Yard Bugs

Back Yard Bugs is a soap to help you discover all the bugs that live with you in your own back yard!

This soap can be purchased for  $20 with the green pop up bug container and Back Yard Bug ID guide or for $10 for just the soap.

5 oz vegan bar

Scent: Black Cherry, sweet yet tart!

Fun Facts: Ladybugs help us by eating insects like aphids that can harm or even kill plants. Having ladybugs around is always beneficial to a garden or growing trees like apricots where we get the oil for this soap! Some native ladybug species are on the decline and some ladybugs from other parts of the world are on the increase. Help scientists figure out what is happening at The Lost Ladybug Project!

Arthropod Apothecary
Tea Tree Pink Lavender Soap
Tea Tree, Pink Grapefruit,Lavender essential oil soap

Tea Tree, Pink Grapefruit,Lavender essential oil soap

Coral Springs
United States

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