Oregon Coast Sand & Sea

Oregon Coast Sand & Sea
A truly exceptional bar of soap for your feet or anywhere that might need extra scrubbing like knees and elbows due to dirt or dryness or even your hands if they are rough, dry and cracking.
Nanny Goats Soap

Made with sand and sea water taken directly from the Oregon Coast Shorelines, it has been boiled, strained and turned into a fine bar of soap that’s lightly scented with Eucalyptus and Fir Needle. A refreshingly clean scent when combined.

The bottom layer with the sand in it works amazingly well at removing and softening the soles of your feet without leaving your feet feeling raw.

Kosher sea salt has been added to finish it off as an ocean bar while also providing you with a harder bar of soap with more bubbles and won’t dry your skin.

Use extreme caution if using on other areas of your skin. The sand in it is highly abrasive and can be sharp.

This is for a 5.5 ounce bar of sand and sea soap.

Nanny Goats Gourmet Soaps
United States

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