Orange Goat Milk Soap

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Orange Goat Milk Soap
Orange Goat Milk Soap
Our soap is made with fresh goat milk from our Nubian and Nigerian diary goats. Our goats are milked daily and the milk is fresh chilled and frozen for soap making. All other ingrediants are all natural.

We are a small family farm that raises grassfed Angus beef and registered Nubian and Nigerian dairy goats in Monticello, Florida.  We sell shares of beef on a semi-annual basis.  We breed and show our Nubians and Nigerians and also sell products from their milk.  We sell milk for animal consumption only and goat milk soap. Please visit our Facebook page under 3 Lee’s Farm to see our family and animals.  You can contact us through our Facebook page, email or through my cell number listed here.

3 Lee’s Farm

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