Orange Foaming Hand Soap | Natural Hand Wash

Orange Foaming Hand Soap | Natural Hand Wash
Foaming Hand Soap – Made with handmade Castile soap and pure essentail oils.

Our hand soap is made from scratch in small batches using only the highest quality all-natural ingredients. We use the natural powers of essential oils to clean and organic, vegan and fair trade moisturizing oils to leave your hands clean and smooth. Our soap does not leave that weird film behind that many commercial soaps do.

Our hand soaps have just a few ingredients:
1. Our homemade Castile Soap. (Saponified Organic Olive & Coconut oils)
2. Distilled Water (to dilute our castile soap)
3. Organic Olive Oil
4. Vitamin E oil
5. Essential oils – no Fragrance oils, only pure essential oils.
6. A little color

If there is a scent you may like, please message us and we may be able to make it for you.
We pride ourselves on providing high quality ingredients in all of our products.

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If irritation occurs, stop use.

Blue Dragonfly Acres
United States

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