Oatmeal Manuka Honey Pet Soap

Dry itchy skin, Heat Rashes, Skin Allergies, Open Wounds, Topical infections, Stinky Pets

Oatmeal Manuka Honey Pet Shampoo Bar is packed with skin nourishing properties that speeds up the healing of skin lesions, cuts and wounds along with relieving itch.

Red Palm Oil with Vit E, Vit A, and Beta Carotene helps restore, replenish, and protect the skin against damage. It prevents dandruff and is effective in the treatment of many skin conditions with calming the irritation of bug bites.

Olive oil, Stone Ground Oatmeal, and Flax Seeds for soothing properties blended with

Raw Organic Manuka Medical Grade Honey is known as the “Wonder Honey of the Tea Tree”. Rare, exotic, and expensive Unpasteurized and Unfiltered Raw Honey has extraordinary benefits including anti-inflammatory properties known to reduce redness and heal congested or inflamed skin conditions. The High Active Grade of UMF 16+ is in this product. UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor.

* UMF is a quality trademark and grading system identifying natural unadulterated manuka honey that has a special unique natural property found only in some strains of manuka honey.

* The UMF grading system appraises natural markers found in Manuka Honey, and assures purity and quality.

Honey is an ancient therapy that has recently been re-introduced into modern medicine. The rise of Medical Grade Honey (MGH) is being incorporated into sterile devices that are applied topically to wounds. Additionally, Manuka oxygenates pores to draw out bacteria, drastically improving acne-prone areas or staph (MRSA).

For the shine of the fur and conditioning of the hair, I chose Canola oil, Coconut oil, Castor Oil, Super Fat with Coconut Milk, and ended with 100 % Aloe Vera Juice.

This unique bar smells like Sweet Pure Milk and Honey. These luxurious skin nourishing products are combined with Natural Stone Ground Oatmeal, Colloidal Oatmeal, and Flax Seed for calming irritated skin.

Garden District Soapery
United States

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