Native Bee Shea Scrub

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Native Bee Shea Scrub
Native Bee Shea Scrub
Sugar and Shea Butter make this the perfect moisturizing scrub!
Native Bee She Scrub

We start with pieces of our handmade soap and then add a LOT of Shea Butter and some sugar as an exfoliator. This bar will leave your skin silky smooth. This bar is so dense it will last a long time in the shower.

5 oz bar

Scent: Cherry Vanilla, Mint, and Lemon crème

Fun Fact: The number one pollinator of Shea is the honey bee. It allows for about 70% of the flowers to be pollinated resulting in oil producing seeds needed to make our soaps and lotions. But did you know the European honey bee is not NATIVE to the United States?? BUT we have LOTS (4,000 to be exact) of native bees here like this Cactus Bee in the photo to the left. So if you like the moisturizing properties of Shea help us conserve pollinators by minimizing your pesticide use and plant native plants to help promote pollinators around your home.

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