Margarita Handmade Soap

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Margarita Handmade Soap
This hot-processed soap is made with pure lemon and lime essential oils and enriched with a balanced blend of natural oils and clay. We added just a touch of color micas to bring home the Margarita, lemon and lime essence of this soap

Our natural soap is handmade with love.  We chose organic ingredients that are balanced for their cleansing and moisturizing properties.  This hot processed soap features a unique block design; each bar has a slightly different design and has a more rustic look and feel; yet it performs the same as our cold-processed soaps.  Choose the fragrant that best suits your taste.  Directions:  Wet a wash cloth and rub soap together until it lathers, then apply to your body for a clean, moisturizing, and refreshing aroma.  FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.  Handmade with  balanced blend of natural oils, clay, and essential oils.  Cure Time:  we cure our hot-processed handmade soaps for a minimum of two weeks before they are sold.

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