lovely Lavender Bath bar

lovely Lavender Bath bar
beautiful bar of soap with a wonderful lavender scent,& fresh lavender buds atop the bar to add fragrance as well as looking beautiful, it also adds light exfoliating qualities.

I use only the purest, freshest available ingredients available.(organic when possible) I do NOT use harsh chemical additives, only enviroment  friendly, user friendly, and DEFINATELY animal friendly!  My goal is to improve the whole experience of using my products, by stimulating as many of the senses as possible.  I carefully choose ingredients that not only won’t cause harm, but have beneficial properties.  if I color the product, I use only natural colorants.  my goal is to make artisan quality bath and body products to the highest standards, with the highest quality ingredients, and beneficial properties that hopefully are able to allow the user to enjoy the experience,& not worry what exactly the ingredients are, & why they need to be in the bath product being used on a daily basis by their entire family. when using a bubbleBee product there are no worries.

BubbleBee Bath & body
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new york
united states

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