Goat Milk Lye Soap

Goat Milk Lye Soap
Organic goat milk lye soap infused with essential oils (Sage, Patchouli, Lavender), and Bentonite Clay for added detoxifying benefits.
  • Goat milk soap has been known as a calming soap for even the most sensitive of skin. Natural glycerin in Lye soap acts as a humectant and prevents skin from drying out after washing. Goat milk soap is an excellent option for those afflicted with eczema and psioriasis as it does not irritate or over dry skin.
  • Alpha hydroxy in goat milk helps to slough off dead skin cells, allowing new skin cells to replace them more quickly, giving the skin a softer, smoother and more youthful appearance. Additionally, Goat milk contains Vitamin A and Selenium, which are essenti al nutrients for healthy balanced skin.
  • Essential oils do more than make your nose happy. Lavender oil has been shown to stimulate relaxation, positively affect mood, and help with sleep. Sage oil has a woody, musky fragrance which compliments lavender. Sage and Basil oil have antiseptic and anti inflammatory benefits.
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