Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen
Farmhouse Kitchen
Goat Melk Soap – Farmhouse Kitchen (lemon, & lemon zest essential oil)
Chubb E. Acres Farm. LLC

Goat Melk Soap – Farmhouse Kitchen
Each soap bar weights approx. 4.5 oz
Ingredients: Pure goat milk (not a powder substitute – no water added), Organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, lemon & lemon zest essential oils (no artificial fragrances added), sweet almond oil and natural colorant.

**Our goat milk is sourced from our own Nigerian Dwarf goat herd which creates a creamy, thick lather that does not strip your skin of it’s natural oils. A luxurious moisturizing soap that is gentle for all skin types.

Message us for custom/wholesale soap orders, soap sold by the loaf, special occasion soaps, and novelty soaps.

Melissa Holahan
United States

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