Eucalyptus Mint Handmade Goatsmilk Soap

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Eucalyptus Mint Handmade Goatsmilk Soap
Jaxsoaps Eucalyptus Mint bar soap is an invigorating wake up call!

Jaxsoaps Eucalyptus Mint bar soap is an invigorating wake up call! Spearmint and Peppermint are some of the most versatile essential oils. Refresh a tired mind, clear your sinuses, sooth your sore muscles and is known to relieve headache & repel insects. Everyone loves lathering up with minty freshness!

Eucalyptus oil can give you the soft, blemish-free skin you so desire!

Antiseptic And Remedial Agent

The oil is largely used for first-aid purposes due to its vast remedial and healing properties. It is used for the treatment of cuts, minor wounds, blisters, and bruises. Application of the oil also heals skin irritation and insect bites. Especially appropriate for skin eruptions and oily complexions, it is also used for herpes, acne, and chicken pox.

Many aromatherapists use eucalyptus oil for their remedies. The inhalation of the sweet-smelling oil helps relax the body.

Eucalyptus oil has many antifungal properties that can help ward off infection, restrain residue build-up and clogging of pores on the head.

All of Jaxsoaps are made with goatsmilk for the soothing moisturizing affect the goatsmilk imparts.
Have you ever noticed how dry your skin can feel after a shower with commercially prepared soap? Most over the counter soaps have a ph around 9 or 10, which is very high, and similar to bleach or household cleaners. This high ph can damage or neutralize the natural acid mantle on your skin and leave it unprotected from bacteria, infection, allergic reactions and dehydration.

Jaxsoaps are natural, gentle soaps, free of harsh additives and ph balanced naturally to keep the acid mantle intact and leave your skin soft and healthy, with the added benefits of essential oils.

All of Jaxsoaps cold process soaps are handcrafted in small batches, one recipe at a time, using only the finest natural ingredients.

Each recipe may include different combinations of the saponified oils of Coconut, Soy Olive, Palm Kernel, Palm, Castor, Sweet Almond and nuturing butters such as Shea, Mango and Cocoabutter. The soaps are fragranced using High quality essential oils and the finest fragrance oils. Essential oils are also considered and used for the specific Benefits they impart.
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  • Eucalyptus Mint Handmade Goatsmilk Soap
  • Eucalyptus Mint Handmade Goatsmilk Soap
  • Eucalyptus Mint Handmade Goatsmilk Soap

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