DreamCatcher All Natural Vegan Handcrafted Soap

DreamCatcher All Natural Vegan Handcrafted Soap
Handcrafted soap that’s all natural right down to the colors and scents, made with lavender, patchouli, rosemary, and more essential oils and bamboo charcoal
Beautifully luxurious handcrafted soap that will pamper your skin 
and your mind! The complex combination of essential oils make this 
vegan soap smell so good that I want to lick it - too bad soap can't 
taste good as it smells!

Made with olive, almond, coconut and castor oils and cocoa and 
shea butters, water, sodium hydroxide, lavender, patchouli, 
rosemary, lime, lemon, orange and ylang essential oils, madder, 
rattanjot and bamboo charcoal.
Lanmom Originals/Bountiful Soap
United States

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