Day at the Spa

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Day at the Spa
Day at the Spa
Mood Factor: Awake and Positive
The Artisan Soap Company

Imagine bringing all the scents of your favorite sauna or spa home with you. You can with the sinus opening scent of “A Day at the Spa”. The sinus opening qualities of Eucalyptus and the refreshening peppermint will add a cooling dash of positivity to your day. Finish it off with the skin loving qualities of Lavender and you have a winning combo so good the Koala’s are jealous! Our Artisan soap is truly amazing. Made with real ingredients such as coconut oil and Shea Butters. Your skin will be left clean, moisturized, and with a healthy glow. The Artisan soap company uses 100% pure essential oils and natural colorants because we want you to live a healthy, strong, and Inspired Life everyday.

The Artisan Soap Company
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  • Day at the Spa
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