Country Meadows Soap

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Country Meadows Soap
Country Meadows Soap
Made with real ingredients such as coconut oil and Shea Butters. Your skin will be left clean, moisturized, and with a healthy glow. The Artisan soap company uses 100% pure essential oils and natural colorants because we want you to live a healthy, strong, and Inspired Life everyday.
The Artisan Soap Company

This is my personal favorite! This soap is full of wonderful essential oils that really make you feel as if you are walking in a country meadow on a beautiful day. You can close your eyes and can almost hear the birds chirping in the background and the sound of a babbling brook. Essential oils such as Palmarosa, Rosemary,Clary Sage, Cassia, Ylang Ylang,Peppermint, Lavender, Gingergrass, and Geranium Rose work their magic as you feel your mood lifted as you inhale the floral scents and reap the benefits of aromatherapy to enhance wellness and your mood! Alkanet Root for the natural Colorant makes this bar a beautiful deep purple in colorThis soap smells Fabulous!

Beneva McFarland
United States
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