Cotton Candy Scented Bath Soap and Bath Bomb

A bar of Hand-Crafted Goats Milk Soap with matching Bath Bomb scented with the delightful, sweet scent of Cotton Candy. No matter which bath bomb you choose, you’ll emerge from the tub feeling relaxed, smelling delightful and with skin so soft, it’ll be irresistible.

This Bath Bomb and Soap Gift Set comes with one each of our bath and spa treats: one bar of our Cotton Candy Goats Milk Soap, and one Cotton Candy Bath Bomb ready to fizz up your bath. Use them together for one amazing bath, or add other items from our bath and body collection.  Blue Springs Artisan Soaps & More’s hand crafted soap bars will last you several weeks.

At bath time, drop this beautiful bath bomb into your tub when you’re dreaming of a cotton candy-scented treat.  Think of your childhood and the days spent at a carnival or fair.  Luxuriate among lustrous swirls of blue in vivid pink waters with the sweet scent of Cotton Candy as it cozies up to your senses. Next time you need a sweet escape from reality, have our Cotton Candy Spa Treats on hand, or try one of our many other essential pleasures.  Other Hand-Crafted products in the Blue Springs Carnival Collection includes the Cotton Candy Hand Lotion, Foot Scrub, 8 oz. Marbleized Bubble Bath, Lip Scrub, Moisturizing Lip Balm, Bath Salts, Whipped Body Butter, Hand Sanitizer, Guest Soap, and 4 or 8 oz. Body Spray.

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How to use: Fill your bathtub with warm water, drop in the bath bomb and lie back to enjoy its lovely color and gorgeous fragrance.

Bath Soap Ingredients:  Sunflower Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Liquid Silk, Water, Colorant, Phthalate Free Fragrance, Unrefined Shea Butter, Kaolin Clay, Canola Oil, Saponified Oils, Heavy Cream

Bath Bomb Ingredients:  Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Canola Oil, Polysorbate-80, and Coloring Mica Powders and Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil.

Bath Tea Ingredients:  All ingredients are dependent on your choice of product. Please refer to each choice of Bath Tea for ingredient list.

Bath Tea Instructions: Place Bath Bag inside of bathtub after adding water. Allow Bath Bag to soak inside water for 5-10 minutes. For best results gently squeeze the Bath Bag while soaking to release contents.

Safety Warning when using Bath Tea:  For External use only. Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear. Keep out of the reach of children. This product is not edible. Throw away after use. Ensure to review ingredient lists thoroughly.  If concerns about ingredients inside of our bath bags order individually to accommodate your specific needs.

These statements or product have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease.



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