Coconut Sandalwood Soap

Coconut Sandalwood Soap
A great scented cold process soap with exfoliating properties.

Coconut Sandalwood soap bar is handmade with exfoliating organic coconut flakes, moisturizing coconut oil, hydrating coconut water, and conditioning coconut milk. Vegan palm free cold process soap with delicious sweet buttery top notes in a coconut sandalwood musky base with hints of jasmine, cedarwood, and gardenia.

Using this coconut soap may help add moisture to the skin while removing dead skin cells, helping newer, softer skin emerge. If rubbed on the skin, exfoliates as it lathers being a massage bar; use once a week. Great as daily soap if lathered in a washcloth, sea sponge, or other.

Coconut oil and coconut milk make this soap lather creamy and abundantly, feeling wonderful on the skin due to the skin-loving ingredients in this lasting bar that will leave you squeaky clean without using too much. To create an abundant lather and make the soap last longer, use a washcloth or scrubber and set the soap bar aside to let dry between uses. Do not leave the soap in contact with water while is not being used.

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United States
  • Coconut Sandalwood Soap
  • Coconut Sandalwood Soap

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