Charcoal Eucalyptus & Lavender

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Charcoal Eucalyptus & Lavender
Body/Facial soap with activated charcoal and a blend of eucalyptus, lavender,and mint essential oils

Enjoy a Purely Eden natural experience with this vegan 4.5-5.0oz hand cut bar.

While relatively new to Western culture, the Japanese have used charcoal soap for centuries to help produce the clean, clear complexion enjoyed by many of their women.

Eucalyptus oil has been used for centuries to treat wounds, burns and ulcers. Recently, it has been used to treat acne and as an insect repellent.  Do I need to say more about Lavender?

Here is a mild face soap that combines both of these ingredients into one great product. Detox and enjoy a deep cleansing while the activated charcoal gently exfoliates and removes impurities.

Possible Benefits: Acne, insect bites, normal to oily skin.

Skin TIP- The longer the lathered soap stays on the skin the more oils and impurities it will absorb. Dry to normal-2-5 minutes. Normal to oily 5-10 minutes. Oily skin leave lathered soap on for no more than 15 minutes.

100% Vegan! No artificial colorants, fillers, or fragrances!

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  • Charcoal Eucalyptus & Lavender
  • Charcoal Eucalyptus & Lavender

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