Black Coffee Soap

Black Coffee Soap
Black Coffee Soap
Exfoliating soap with coffee grounds
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A delicious castile bar made with super concentrated fresh roasted cofffee and a hint of coffee fragrance blend! This bar is mild and DEEP cleaning! We leave the grounds in to scrub and exfoliate skin. Great for the kitchen as coffee naturally draws unwanted smells from skin. Will perk your skin right up! Shea butter replenishes moisture and leaves skin soft, happy and clean.

Also makes a great gift for a true coffee enthusiast!

Our unique soaps are made from the highest quality ingredients. We start with olive oil to build a rich high quality soap base. Coconut and soybean oils are added to increase lather and create a more desirable texture. Shea butter is added to super fat the soap and make an ultra moisturizing bar. Our raw unrefined shea butter also boosts your skin with vitamins A and E. Our soaps are all natural and excellent for anyone, even those with sensitive skin!

This sale is for one large hand cut bar that weighs approximately 5 oz. *Bar soaps now come in a kraft box with wax seal*

Looking to save money? Check our store for 3 and 5 bar soap packs to save and get cheap priority shipping!

• All Natural High Quality Ingredients
• No Surfactants
• No Sulfates
• No Detergents
• Non-Comedogenic
• No Animal Testing
• No Animal Products

***See materials for full ingredient list

* Please note that no sodium hydroxide remains in cured soap

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orange fuzz
United States

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