Beautiful Earth Soap

Beautiful Earth Soap
Beautiful Earth Soap
A wonderfully clean and earthy lemongrass and patchouli essential oil blend, with french green clay and oats.

Scent description/story: Inspired by our North Texas winter.

Many residents and wanderers of our vast state find themselves weary, with a few rough edges by wintertime. The oatmeal in this bar represents the comfort we find in each other as those edges are soothed.
The rich cream color represents the chilled sky, clear enough for a brisk walk outside, but not warm or cheerful enough to play in your garden.
French Green clay was added to emphasize the life that can still be found hanging onto trees and sparsely blanketing the ground, not quite cold enough to die off and be browned, yet not quite warm enough to reclaim the bright green glory of spring.
The pour varies the color, to allow for those strong gusts of wind that chill to the bone on occasion.
Essential oils of Patchuoli and Lemongrass ground our senses in an earthy hope for new life.
In the middle of our Texas winter we find that Spring is always just around the corner.

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