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Our 10 K Instagram Prize!

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Our 10 K Instagram Prize!
This is a variety of all natural, dye free and preservative free soaps, that a follower of ours has won on Instagram 🙂 All soaps are made with Coconut Oil, Lye and RESPONSIBLY SOURCED Palm Oil from Essential Depot, and cured on Essential Depot Drying Racks.
DamnifiKnow Farms

Our inventory of handmade, small batch, all natural soaps and shampoo bars is constantly changing. Several of our bars are unscented, but if we do use scents, they are 100% Pure Essential Oils, often times from Essential Depot. We only use clay for colorants. All of our soaps and shampoo bars are for people with sensitive skin or eczema. If a batch doesn’t pass the test for our personal use, we’ll never make that bar again. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and of course, Amazon! 🙂

DamnifIknow Farms
Indian Island
United States
  • Our 10 K Instagram Prize!
  • Our 10 K Instagram Prize!
  • Our 10 K Instagram Prize!

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