Aloe spirulina

Aloe spirulina
Aloe spirulina
Made eith fresh aloe vera, cucumber, avocado

A creamy silk soap made with fresh cucumber, aloe vera and avicado, color green is made with the natural colors of the fresh puree and juice sprinkles of spirulina powder  with mild touch of peppermint essential oils  is mild enough to be used on the face

Ingredients fresh aloe vera, cucumber,avocado and vitemin E oils are coconut, olive, avocado, sunflower, castor oil, shea butter, beef tallow, glycerine, sodium hydroxide,

As soon as you wrt the bar yiu will feel the silkiness of it

Bar is hand cut

Approx wt 5oz H 3″ x L 3″ x W 1″


R & R Soaplus
Lincoln Park
  • Aloe spirulina

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