Salve’ Goddess Wash

Salve’ Goddess Wash
Salve’ Goddess Wash
Feminine Hygiene Wash made of all natural castile soap, herbs and essential oils

PH balanced feminine wash which is safe and gentle enough to use externally and internally due to the all natural and food grade ingredients. Your enchanted spot should have a PH in the range of 4.0-5.5 and our products help you achieve just that. Ridding your womb of bacteria, fungus, and inflammation causing enzymes. The fragrance free delightful smell calls in your goddess vibration and enhances the libido/sensual spirit.
Due to the all natural components of our product separation will occur. Before each use gently roll while setting your intentions on the desired outcome. Proceed to cleanse not only the mons pubis but the vulva and vagina as well. For an extra layer of glow up try our v-steam, shower steamer and enchanted spot oil to invoke the true goddess which is in you just waiting for you to reach out. The glow up is real and it’s all natural!!!

Total Enchantment
  • Salve’ Goddess Wash

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