Rosemary Lavender Hair Conditioner

Rosemary Lavender Hair Conditioner
Solid all natural hair conditioner, works on all types of hair. Makes your hair feel smooth and silky, never greasy.

The “Apply Topically” Rosemary Lavender Conditioner bar, works great. It has no liquid so very little is needed. Just rub against your wet head and work in. By the time your shower or bath is over, you can rinse it out. Hair feels smooth and silky. Again this is great for every day use. I use my bar shampoo and conditioner daily. But, especially great for travel. No worries about leaking liquids in your suitcase or concerns about the 3 oz limit per TSA. Eco-friendly with no plastics to discard. Ingredients include BTMS 50 (from canola oil, it works as a detangler), cetyl alcohol (from vegetable oils,works as moisturizer), shea butter (also excellent moisturizer), cetrimonium chloride (anti static component),panthenol (derived from rice, works as another moisturizer), hydrolyzed silk (non animal protein which provides moisture retention), germall plus (preservative, necessary to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination) and essential oils of rosemary and lavender.One regular bar will last as long as a much bigger shampoo bar.

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