Lime Scented Candle

Lime Scented Candle
Lime Scented Candle
Fragrance: Lime
Size(s): 1 oz Sample, 4 oz, and 8 oz

A natural candle leads to a natural burn – meaning a clean burning candle for you and your family! Made using natural oils and ingredients, the Radical Works tin candle will last for many days as the candle burns evenly with a great fragrance.

This listing is for ONE candle in the size of your choosing.

NOTE: Because this candle is made from solid oils and not wax, it will be soft to the touch. If contact is made with fingertips, thoroughly wash hands before touching clothes or eyes.

WARNING: While candle is burning, sides of the candle will become HOT. Please allow for the candle to cool after extinguishing flame before handling the candle.

Candle comes in a metal tin with a lid. Candle fragrance will be handwritten on label. It will arrive shrink wrapped, wrapped in tissue paper, bubble wrap, and sealed in a decorative bag. Safe upon packaging, safe upon arrival!

Ingredients: Palm Oil, Soybean Oil, Fragrance Oil, and Citric Acid.

For more exciting creations, check out the official Radical Works website!

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