Honey Bee Lotion Bar

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Honey Bee Lotion Bar
Honey Bee Lotion Bar
This handmade lotion bar is made with all natural organic bees wax, essential depot organic shea butter, sweet almond oil and a hint of honey lavender scent!

Handcrafted and made with love this product is moisturizing and convenient. Lotion bars are easy to carry and use. Made with simple all natural ingredients, honey bee lotion bars can provide much needed relief from dry cracked skin. After many failed attempts at making the perfect hard lotion bar, i finally created a recipe that worked for me!

The natural warmth from your skin softens and melts the lotion bar for application. My Lotion Bars are less greasy than liquid lotion and do not take as long to absorb into your skin. PrettylipsCo LLC lotion bars are completely natural and contain no preservatives, only organic bees wax, shea butter and skin loving oils.

Please visit Prettylipsco.com for your very own lotion bar today!

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