Balm of Gilead

Balm of Gilead
Balm of Gilead
1 fl. oz. tin of balm of gilead
Balm of Gilead

Balm of Gilead

A.K.A. Cottonwood, Poplar, Gilly, and Unguentum Populi

1 fl. oz. (30ml)

My Balm of Gilead is inspired by an early 1800s New England folk recipe. I handcrafted this balm with grass fed tallow and wildcrafted poplar buds. I make all my herbal products in small batches. Traditionally, Balm of Gilead is used for itchy dry skin, mild pain, cuts, bug bites, and mild burns. Herbal balms are ointments that are applied topically to the skin. To take advantage of the balm apply generously. These are natural salves and the color, scent and texture may differ slightly. Herbal salves work differently for everyone. My balms are natural skincare that moisture and soften the skin and leave it feeling soothed. Populus (like the species I use in my Balm of Gilead) was an ingredient in ancient flying ointments. In other lore, populus is used for protection and communication with the dead. If you love Balm of Gilead, working with a salve is a great way to form a connection. Balm of Gilead is one of my most favorite scents. When pure tallow is used to make a balm, and no other oils or fats are used, the surface of the balm can look to have white blotches. This is totally normal and is just how the tallow balm cools.

If you are allergic to aspirin use Balm of Gilead cautiously. Don’t use oil based preparations on wet open wounds.

I’ve taken multiple herbal apprenticeships and many courses, classes, and workshops in or around herbalism. The ointments I sell are made from techniques I’ve learned through years of education and use.


Wendy Wildcraft

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