Arnica Lavender Lotion

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Arnica Lavender Lotion
Arnica has been used for centuries in European tradition as a bruise remedy. It’s effectiveness for this has not been evaluated by the FDA. However, the folklore behind its use seems to be supported by many personal testimonies. Products made with it are sold in health food stores all across America.

Likewise, lavender has a history of soothing away headache pain.

Arthritis runs in the family. Based upon lavender’s history as a headache remedy, I tested its ability to help relax stiff joints in the morning. It did, and it didn’t take much.

I discovered arnica a few years later. I didn’t like the gel-based products on the market, so I went straight to a manufacturer of arnica oil in the Rocky Mountains.

I thought about making an arnica based massage oil. However, oils are harder to carry. They’re notorious for leaking out. So I developed an Arnica Lavender massage lotion instead.

Essential Oil-Enhanced Relief

I love the feel of this lotion. It absorbs quickly and slides on beneath my hands without friction. However, that’s not all I like about it. With a little research, I found a combination of essential oils that folklore alleges are soothing properties to complement the arnica. I use these oils to scent the lotion.

Lavender EO was as effective as tramadol, a prescription medication, at reducing pain in one study. [Source]

Rose Geranium EO contains three components that studies show reduce inflammation (a primary cause of pain)—citronellol, geraniol, and citronellyl formate. [Source]

Grapefruit EO offers mild anti-microbial activity. [Source]

The FDA doesn’t allow me to make any claims for this lotion. I can’t tell you it will take away pain. However, test it for yourself. If your body responds to arnica and lavender, this lotion could take the edge off your discomfort.

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