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Arnica & CBD Lotion
Arnica & CBD Lotion
Arnica has been used for centuries in naturalpathic traditions. Non-THC CBD was discovered in the 1940s. They are combined in this lotion for their alleged potential to ease pain away.


Arnica’s use in European herbal traditions for pain is ancient. The discovery of non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) for calming inflammation is more recent. Though some websites claim its use goes back thousands of years, it’s really a recent entrant to the herbal scene. Personal testimonies suggest each of these herbal extractions are effective separately. However, because the FDA requires testing to make any claims, this lotion is sold solely as a body care product.

My Story

When I lived in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, I was introduced to the use of natural remedies by Aubrey Edwards, a naturopath and owner of a local health food store. Ever since I have sought plant-based solutions to resolve life’s everyday aches and pains.

I first discovered arnica when we returned to the U.S after spending almost five years in Canada. I share my story for why I developed my first arnica lotion formula here.

I learned about CBD in the summer of 2019 while helping staff a booth at the Clark County Fair (southern Washington). Multiple CBD sellers had booths on the fairgrounds. I accepted the offer to test one vender’s product, and it seemed to relieve some of the tension I always carry in my shoulders (a side effect of writing for hours a day). However, the cost was more than my level of pain justified.

It took some time to find a reliable wholesale CBD source. However, I finally accomplished my goal when I found Essential Depot, and that is how I’m able to offer this lotion now at a price I would be willing to pay.

Menthol-free Tension Relief

I hate going around smelling like those old muscle balms I grew up with. (Bengay, I’m looking at you.) Who wants to announce they’re in pain? So I’ve looked for natural solutions with a more subtle scent.

I’ve also formulated this lotion without lavender because I know so many people who experience headaches when they’re exposed to it.

Ultimately, there are many people who find CBD is helpful, while others don’t experience any benefits at all. Only trying it for yourself will prove which person you are.

Why Combine Arnica and CBD?

My friend Aubrey claimed that the combination of many herbs produces a greater effect than either herb used separately. There are no studies to confirm that this is true for Arnica and CBD. However, there are studies confirming this wisdom for other botanicals. It was this concept that inspired me to develop a formula that combines both.

I look forward to your feedback on your experience with this lotion.

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