Shea Butter

Eugenia Akuete Changing Lives One Woman at a Time

Essential Depot’s commitment to responsible sourcing of highest quality products is nowhere more evident than in their partnership with Eugenia Akuete of Naasakle Ltd, producers of organic unrefined shea butter in Ghana.  

Shea butter is a light colored fat extracted from the nuts of the African shea tree.  Widely used in soap, body care and cosmetics, accounts of shea butter use date back to the days of Cleopatra and Ancient Egypt, when shea protected hair and skin from the fierce sun and hot winds of the African continent.

Introduced to shea butter as a child in Ghana, Eugenia Akuete has been involved in shea butter production since 1996.  Her mission and ministry is not only to produce an all-natural, organic, healthful product, but to elevate the standard of living for the women producing it, empowering them to rise above poverty, chauvinism and segregation, and to support themselves and their children.

Akuete explains, “By providing a way for the women to make a living, I know I am not just impacting and empowering them, but also creating a future for their children. I know their children will go to bed fed and not hungry, will have shelter and be able to pay for their medical and educational needs.”

Elected as the first President of the Global Shea Alliance, Akuete shaped the agenda to champion women’s causes and training.  Determined to lead by example and prove that Ghanaian women are capable of overseeing not only their households but their own companies, Akuete has earned the respect of her peers by creating a community of financially independent women who are reaping the benefits of their labors for the first time.

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