Eric Bowman

Eric Bowman is the owner of E&M Machining Inc. and Discount Soap Equipment.

Eric, along with a team of engineers, tool makers, and fabricators, started designing & manufacturing soap making equipment in 1995.  From ideas to precision manufacturing.

Realizing the need for precise, unique or specialty, and quality soap making equipment such as:  soap cutting machines, molds, lip balm trays, soap drying trays, stainless steel tanks, and bath bomb equipment, E&M designed a full line of products for the hand-crafted industry to simplify the soap making process as well as increase productivity.  Discount Soap Equipment uses advanced machine technology and software to design and manufacture all their products along with the best materials available for a product that will last a lifetime.

Working closely with soap makers Discount Soap Equipment designs custom equipment your for specific needs in the industry.

Eric is from Greenfield Indiana and has been a tool maker for 30 years with a background in design and plastic injection molding. Visit them at  located in central Indiana.

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