Weekend Retreat 1 – Nov 2014

Make a difference a share at a time!

The Agenda for the first retreat is below. Click on the green topic links below, to hear audio, transcripts and pictures from the presentations of Catherine McGinnis, M.B.A; Dr. Kevin Dunn, Professor of Chemistry and author of “Scientific Soaping”; Derek Hodges, BSc, MIET, CEO and President of Essential Depot, Inc.; and Paul Clough, MBA, CPA, CFP® and the “Tax Maestro”. You will have access to the audio, transcripts, pictures and videos from the whole weekend.  Immerse yourself into the art of soaping by working your way through the below agenda, as if you were there; enjoy a glass of wine as you follow along.

Interviews with some of our premier retreat members:
Rebecca Sakelaris of Katzima Soap Company
Julia Shewchuk of Serenity Acres Goat Farm
Julie Whitehead of Fort Pierce, Florida
Jamie Browne of Ocklawaha, Florida
Jennifer Juranko of Wesley Chapel, Florida
Marvina Thomas of Avondale, Arizona

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21st, – 4pm to 8pm

Meet and Greet at Essential Depot’s Wine Soap Bar.
Participants will gather at the Wine Soap Bar for drinks and hors d’oeuvres, registration, supply pickup and introduction to new products with free product samples.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22nd – 8am to 6pm

Welcome by Derek Hodges and Catherine McGinnis

“The Chemistry of Soap Making, Part I” presented by Dr. Kevin Dunn
A fascinating and very enlightening discussion of “The Secret Life of Soap” and the chemical reaction which occurs when lye encounters a fat.

“So You Want to Make Soap?” presented by Catherine McGinnis
Covering the “how, what and where” of oils, formulating and troubleshooting tips.

“Selling Your Soap” presented by Catherine McGinnis, M.B.A.
Catherine discusses soaping as a business, and is joined by Paul Clough, C.P.A. for a Q&A on business set-up.

“The Chemistry of Soap Making, Part II” presented by Dr. Kevin Dunn
Further discussion of soap phases and saponification explained. See his fantastic presentation, which included Time Lapse Photography Movies of the Saponification Process.

“Good Accounting Practices for Soap Makers” presented by Paul Clough, C.P.A.
Tutorial on using QuickBooks.

“An Introduction to Good Manufacturing Practices – ISO Standards” presented by Derek Hodges
The principles of establishing accountability and best practices in your manufacturing process.

“Test Soap Making Techniques – Let’s Make Some Samples” with Catherine McGinnis
Hands on soaping activity.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22nd – 7pm to 9pm Dinner Buffet / Mixer – attendees and speakers at Marriott Residence Inn

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd – 9am to 3pm

“Derek Hodges Sunday AM. News, brief recap and farewell until next retreat for Dr Kevin Dunn”.

“A Brief Introduction to SoapEquipment.Com” by Brandy McClurg
Soap & Body Care Equipment for the Handcrafted Industry, since 1996.

“Crazy Little Things Called Essential Oils” presented by Catherine McGinnis
Essential Oils vs Absolutes, proper usage rates, aromatherapy benefits and developing a personal blend with top, middle, and base notes. Hands on activity.

“Tax Considerations for Soap Makers” presented by Paul Clough, C.P.A.

“Soap Making Acitivity – Customizing with Your Personal Blend” presented by Catherine McGinnis
Hands on soaping activity.

Meals, lodging, and transportation between the Marriott Residence Inn and Essential Depot’s Wine Soap Bar are provided and included in the workshop registration fee.

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