Hipbone Goat’s milk soap

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Hipbone Goat’s milk soap
Goat’s Milk Soap, Use on Sensitive skin, great for Vaginal area cleansing.

Looking for a Gentle goat’s milk soap to use for your daily hygiene routine?
Try this one! It’s a wonderful soap for individuals that have sensitive skin
whether its from natural or medical causes.

Goats milk is protein rich and hypoallergenic

Use as a gentle cleanser around post surgical areas also for
those who have had Radiation treatments.

Formulated to be non- irritating

Use as a mild feminine soap for washing around the vaginal area. When used during your Menstrual cycle, it helps in eliminating odor.

This bar produces a mild, creamy, soothing lather that rinses off with ease.
Our Goats Milk soap bar is unscented and without colorants.

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  • Hipbone Goat’s milk soap
  • Hipbone Goat’s milk soap

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