Introduction of Kimberlee Ann Nagel

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Derek Hodges As I said this morning we have an attorney coming to our March retreat to focus, it looks like the Florida Cosmetic law, as you guys would like us to focus on, and she has just arrived.
Kim Nagel, in the March retreat, she is going to explain the cosmetics law, if you have any other subjects after she has introduced herself, I would like you to quickly let her know what they are, as she has to leave in about 10 minutes, and then we will get to Kevin's presentation.
Derek: Kimberlee Ann Nagel, the floor is yours.
Kimberlee I didn't know I was supposed to say anything. I'm an attorney here in Sebring, moved here from Polk County, the next county up, which is Lakeland, but I was born and raised and educated down in Miami, Florida, University of Miami, and the American University of Law up in Washington, DC. So, I was actually not going to focus on Florida, but I was going to focus on FDA rules.

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