Diane Juranko

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Diane Juranko of Wesley Chapel, Florida discusses plans for her future in soaping

SJ – Alright, I’m talking with Diane Juranko, she is from Wesley Chapel, Florida. Diane is attending the event with, your sister-in-law, correct? Jennifer, whom I’ve already talked to. And Diane, just tell us a little bit about your reasons for wanting to come her.
DJ – As you mentioned, Jennifer, my sister-in-law, she and I are already into some of our own personal beauty products that we’re just using ourselves, lip balms and facial cleansers and so forth. And I’ve been talking to her about us starting a soap business for over a year now. And last year, I purchased from Essential Depot our whole case of lye, and we have our palm oil, and some of our products and things, and we’ve just been afraid to take that next step, you know, without knowing somebody. We don’t personally know anyone that we could go buddy up with to see the process of soap making.
SJ – Well, that’s great because you couldn’t have chosen a better person than Catherine McGinnis, because, really…
DJ – Oh, I totally agree 100% with that. As a matter of fact, when I started getting interested in soap making, I started searching YouTube and the Internet, and I found Catherine. And I’ve been looking again for over a year at all Catherine’s videos and stuff, and absolutely, I was thrilled that she was here to speak.
SJ – How have things been going in general for you at the retreat, do you feel like you’re picking up a lot of useful information.
DJ – Oh, absolutely, it’s hard to describe if you’re not here, because, I don’t really know exactly, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew I was glad to hear that you had professionals, if you will, in the field, such as Catherine and Dr. Dunn. But, I didn’t really know what to expect. But, it’s just been so uplifting, so informational from everybody, as well as the other soapers that have been soaping for a while, that we’ve been able to learn from.
SJ – What sort of things, if you’re thinking about coming back to the next retreat, what sort of things do you think you’d like to see us do then?
DJ – I would say, I have four things that I would personally be interested in. I would like to have, I know there’s other people here that are new to soaping, who haven’t done it, so I think I would like to have learned more about the lye calculator, and how to, you know, input, to try a new recipe, how to use the lye calculator. I’d be interested in knowing how that worked. I liked the blending and stuff. And then, shampoo bars and shaving bars, I think we’re very interested in doing that as well.
SJ – Well, it’s been really good to talk to you, I hope you’re planning to come back to the next one in January.
DJ – We are!
SJ – Great, super. Let’s have a picture of you with Trixie, oh you already got a picture with Trixie. Okay, great, thank you.

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