Butterfly Kisses Soap

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Butterfly Kisses Soap
Butterfly Kisses Soap
Blue and Orange clean smelling homemade soap

The design on this soap reminds me of Butterflies and it’s just so dainty and pretty! It’s made with our standard recipe of Olive, Coconut and Soybean oils and fragranced with Ocean Breeze FO. When you wash in this fluffy lather and breathe in the ocean breeze scent you will feel like it’s Spring with butterflies flying all around you! Each bar is approx 4oz.

Ingredients: Saponified Olive, coconut and soybean oils, Distilled Water Ocean Breeze FO, natural colorants.

Pure Luxuries
San Antonio
United States
  • Butterfly Kisses Soap
  • Butterfly Kisses Soap
  • Butterfly Kisses Soap


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